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In fiction, The Silver Lantern Consortium was created with the intention of attracting the Artifact, Sehanine’s Light, a silver lantern that assists worshippers of several deities accomplish their goals in a dark and ever-dimming world. The members are clever, imaginative, innovative, and always seek to find, and bring light to, the darkness.

The Silver Lantern Consortium is a gaming guild that offers a unique gameplay experience based on D&D4e rules, with extracts from various worlds, and works to bring the Legacy to life. Unpublished adventures and treasure awaits those who seek the Silver Lantern.

As a greener DM, I have just started writing my own campaigns, and I need players to test it before the finished products get sent to Wizard for consideration. I am looking for any players,and DMs, experienced or not, to come and play in the Philadelphia Area.

Feel free to email any questions, comments, suggestions, or concerns to [email protected]

May the odds ever be in your favor,
Oelendra Galanodel

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