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Hello…Been Rping for a little over 20 years, started out on D&D. I now have an extensive collection, mostly in PDFs on just about anything ya need for a system. Only thing I am missing is ones that were not made to the public. I am open to just about anything play-wise, though personally cannot stand Vampire or D&D 4e. I also have not played a lot outside of D&D/D20, though I am willing to learn and try. My DMing skills are sub-par, so no campaigns are likely to come out, though I am more than willing to assist you with yours. So whether you talk to me about being a player or just giving you information, don’t hesitate to come to me. Have a great day and happy gaming.



I have kids and a offline life, so yes they come first. If this causes an issue or is not to your liking, I apologize, but will not change. Thanks.

Characters: I tend to play the magic-user or tech savant type depending on what is available. Cybernetics and mech modifications are also high on my list. I rarely play a melee class unless it is a monk. I enjoy being the support, the artillery or even just the buffer (Both augments and summons to actually buffer attacks). I usually play true neutral and have a notion of balance in my attitude. Just saying to give an example of what to expect.

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