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I’m a writer. I write poems and short stories. I write scripts for comic books. I’m a weird, insane, ecchi Geek who loves all kinds of Anime. I am a food-ie.

I love to RPing. D&D is ok but, give me White-Wolf, a d10, 6 friends and 24 bottles of Jolt cola, and I’m set up for the next 3 days of gaming.

Been a playing for about 8 years now, mainly White Wolf’s WoD. Only played one or two sessions of D&D and Exalted, each, would like to try it again. My Group took some time away for about two years, I’ve convinced most of them to come back. I’m currently involved in a session of Evil Hat’s “Dresden Files” once every six months or so, I like the system so far. We’ve also played scattered sessions of FASA’s new “Dr. Who”. Since the beginning of the year we’ve been playing, oWoD’s Mage: The Asension at least once a month.

Well Thats all I can think to say. If there is anything you want to know just ask. There is no question I won’t answer.

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