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Currently looking for a home-base for Wiki, maps, and other game notes for a new campaign (actually old one we want to spiff up with better details): Dark Age of Dunland. In addition to storing and organizing campaign info for our tabletop games, it would be nice if we had support for Play-by-Post and possibly chat or Skype for fast action scenes like combat.

We’ve already been spoiled by the excellent PbP support at Citizens of the Imperium and having our own campaign wiki in the Traveller Wiki, but unfortunately we cannot use those because this campaign is not at all related to Traveller (gritty, low-magic, dark ages setting with some Conan inspiration and a lot of homebrew).

We are currently looking at Obsidian Portal or or some combination of the two. Testing Wikis now by putting the same material into each one and seeing how well it can be organized and displayed. As for PbP support, that seems to be where excels (and for free!) whereas at OP I’d need to pay for Ascendant membership to get campaign forums; either that or use OP for campaign materials and RPoL for forums…

Other features compared: OP has campaign blogs (although I’d prefer a User Blog independent of individual campaigns). RPoL has an online die-roller; as far as I’ve heard, OP does not, but maybe there are ways to import from other die-roller systems… or just have GM roll all.

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