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Stephen’s been gaming since 1981, Grade 11, when he learned about Dungeons and Dragons from his English teacher, Mrs. Sullivan. When he had chickenpox his dad bought him the original Dungeons and Dragons box set.

Over the years he’s played Dungeons and Dragons (Original*, Advanced*, Version 3.5, and 4th Edition), Champions*, Beyond The Supernatural*, RIFTS*, Robotech RPG, Palladium Fantasy RPG*, Ninjas and Superspies, Shadowrun (FASA, 3rd Ed*, 4th Ed), White Wolf’s World of Darkness including Vampire: The Masquerade*, Werewolf: The Apocalypse*, Mage: The Ascension*, Highlander: The Gathering*, Monte Cook’s World of Darkness*, Exhalted, D20 Modern, Star Wars Roleplaying Game (ver 3.5) and D20 Call of Cthulhu*.

Stephen also has GM’ed a number of games over the years as indicated by the (*) above.

In 2009 he was introduced to miniature wargaming and now has an Umbrella Corporation themed Space Marine army for Warhammer 40,000, a Beastman army for Warhammer, and an Isengard and a Moria army for War of the Ring. He also has an Umbrella Corporation themed Imperial Fleet for Battlefleet Gothic. He has alco created an AVP themed set of Kill Team units for Warhammer’s 40K’s Kill Team Scenario found in Battle Missions. These include a set of Predators, Colonial Marines and Cyberdine Model T-101 Terminators – using Necrons and Imperial Guard for the Kill Team Scenario.

Stephen is a graduate of the Algonquin College Professional Writing Program and the Creative Advertising Ptrogram, He enjoys writing fiction in the horror genre and is contemplating penning a Beastman novel for Warhammer Fantasy. Stephen’s real-world pre-occupations include Megalithic stone circles, the paranormal and the occult, cryptozoology, speculative history and many more outre topics which find their way into the myriad games he’s GM’ed over the years.

Stephen is currently seeking contract work as a writer.

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