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I am Looking to DM a AD&D Group starting in the Fort Myers Area, I am Scott Gates, I have played many MMORPG games online so the transition to the 3.5 style of AD&D’s board game will be different for me. My background in gaming is diverse as i have played warhammer online, WoW, Runescape, Minecraft, Runes of Magic, DDO Eberron, I have always enjjoyed faltasy roleplaying games with dragons, elfs, paladin’s fighter’s, rangers etc, I have played Pools of radiance ruins of myth drannor, Tales of the Sword coast, Baldur’s gate series. I am more of a Visual person so i would like the use of maps, Dungeon tiles to represent terrain, wilderness areas, Dungeon areas, using miniatures to represent the characters. I would be running different Adventures as the DDC’s, Forgotten Realms, Eberron campaign,Stormreach and others, I am hoping to have 2D10 host the events, The Group will be called "The Fort Myers, ShadowKeep RPG’s Meetup Group. If anyone has is interested in Joining or getting the word out to other players in the area that want to join let me Know. anyone that has suggestions on running these events, Materials that I need or anything I need to know email me Thank You.

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