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Welcome to my profile. I have been a gamer in one form or another since age six be it video games, Board games, Card games, Puzzles, or Role Playing games. The systems Have Run include, All versions of Dungeons and dragons except 4th or the current play test material, Merp/Rolemaster, Gamma world, Star frontiers, Cyberpunk 2013,2020 and Cybergen, Shadowrun, Palladium system, Robotech, Mekton , Car wars, Battleteck, Tactical Starship Combat,O.G.R.E,Big Eyes Small Mouth(d20 edition), Torg, Star wars(both d6 and D20)

I currently Play Magic:the gathering, Star wars:the old republic, Final Fantasy XI /XIV, Pathfinder, Darkheresy/40k universe and Legend of the five rings.

Currently i running a game that started out in the world of mystara (basic Dungeons and dragons) which my group entitled In search of adventure which has migrated to a world of our design which we call In the aftermath.

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