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Twenty years have passed since a good friend of mine opened my eyes to the world of gaming. I started off in the rich world of battletech and mechwarrior and began teaching myself the art of Storytelling.

A few years later in a land hundreds of miles away, in the small college town of Flagstaff Az, I made new friends who were advanced gamers beyond my years. We spent the first year stumbling through my best attempts at my first full blown Battletech Campaign. That story lasted 6 years and were some on my fondest memories of gaming. During that time, my friend whom I will only identify as MadCat introduced my to the Sanguine world of Vampire the Masquerade and other aspects of The World of Darkness. With my religious background, I was hesitant, but intrigued at the idea of the stories. I fell in love with that genre and with Larp in general. Eventually I moved to running stories via table top and over the internet. Finally, Madcat introduced me to my new love D&D. He was a very creative GM and taught me a lot.

The last four years of my life, I have immersed myself in a newly created world that started with my research into Sumerian mythology. Eventually, with additional research my world grew and expanded. The First Story, The Return of Takhisis lasted 2 years and had a total of 8 players. When that story finished, the group settled down to 4 core players.

Recently, I was working on a storyline that involved 8 gaming systems that culminated all of the stories into one story line. I eventually set that project aside to run the Syndicate game which has become a group favorite. I find that interesting, considering it started off as a mere side story for when a player here and there were unable to show up.

In the last twenty years, I have trained close to forty players and have gamed with more that that by far. Gaming is as an important part of my life as my family and friends. I believe that I will forever by fueled by the fires of creativity and I will never forget what my friends have taught me over the years. It is my ongoing goal to never disappoint them with mediocre story lines and boring worlds.

My gaming career is dedicated to those who taught me everything I know through weekly games and long nights talking game architecture and story structure.

I raise my mug to you!

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