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I’ve gone by Targath on Furcadia since 2007, though once you get to know me personally, you may simply want to call me Mike.

Currently I am attempting to GM a game of Shard hosted on Furcadia. It is my very first time GMing a tabletop RPG. I do have some limited player experience in AD&D 2d Ed and the new World of Darkness as well as experience both as a player and moderator/GM with forum RP.

I would entertain the idea of joining another campaign as a player (or possibly a future GM) for any of the following RPG systems which I own. Psst! If the game is hosted online or specifically on Furcadia, you have a better chance of getting me interested.

  • Shard …a book of Dardunah, World of the False Dawn
  • World of Darkness (new) including; Innocents, Vampire the Requiem, Changeling the Lost, and Promethean the Created.
  • Adventures in Oz
  • Earth Ad.2
  • Mythic (including GM emulation of other games)
  • Furre! / Pocket Universe
  • Quicksilver
  • Adventures Dark and Deep
  • Other RPGs I may not currently own… name one and we’ll see!
  • dj9volt
  • Tajar
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