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Name’s Caleb,I’m a young adult. I’m a huge gamer; been gaming since 3rd grade when my father brought me a Playstation 1 system. Over time my level of gaming had evolved. I currently have a PSP, Nintendo Ds, a Playstation 2 system and a PS3 system. My PS1 was stolen so I don’t have it or the 21 games I had with it. My favorite gaming genres are RPGs,MMOs, and FPSs. I’m a huge fan of Final Fantasy and I have FF13. Since I love horror,I have Resident Evil 5. As for FPSs, I have Lost Planet 2. Out all my systems, I play my PS3. If you have any of these games and want a friend to play with then send me a message, or e-mail me at [email protected] Best way to reach me if not on PS3 is my website. The link is on my Website URL tab.

Anyway I played D&D once with a friend and I’m a loyal fan. Despite my love for modern game consoles I have respect for old school games, I even have the old Atari joystick with built in games. I come here to expand my reach of my world “The D.D.Chronicles”, which I plan on making into a video game series after college for game development.

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