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A very experienced gamer.
Most well known for the Steel City World of Darkness campaign that involved over a dozen members and spanned over a year. TheMyTThors greatest character inventions include

Xavier Brown (World of Darkness)- the Norse Hobo Mage with a blurry face, a lust for women, and a severe lack of hygiene

Bobots the Magnificent (World of Darkness)- a grandstanding ghost that lives an a picture, and has add, OCD, and a Nepolian complex

Grmmmnnnnmm (Dungeons and Dragons)- a Minotaurs that only speaks giant and often grabs a snack from his bag of sheep he carries with him

Indiana Gnome (Dungeons and Dragons)- Gnome Thief cursed to be chased by a boulder for the rest of his existence

The Great Green Gungy (War Hammer 40k)- Ork Warboss of the Golden Horde, “Punny Pink Uman Man, Gungy Smash!”

Bristo (Dugeons and Dragons)- a Smooth talking, swashbuckling, wererat with an authority problem.

A1 “The Sause” (Alpha & Omega)- A cyborg made of junk parts who has been putting himself together for hundreds of Years, beware his toaster shoulder.

Jerry Corbuck (Call of Cthulhu)- A midnight cop with a limp and a suspicious nature and the absence of one particular thing…his soul.

These characters and a number of NPCs are the great products of TheMyTThors machinations. Lets have some fun!

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