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About Me: Quiet, being shy definitely makes up my personality, sensitive and caring, funny when the right opportunity comes up, greenish hazel eyes, 5ft 10, wears glasses and finally I Spike my hair.

Interests: Meditation, yoga, computers, editing, programming, writing fantasy, d&d, flash, diving and finally surfing.

Hey, so my names Alex Fegan, Born February 29th, 1992 on Vancouver Island, British Columbia.
I never really had any motivation to start writing until I was forced to move to Vancouver when my mom wanted to be closer to work. Starting over at a new school wasn’t easy, I’m quiet and shy, making friends seemed like it was going to be a big problem; however, all this changed when I met a group of guys at school one day. I started to become more involved with them, hanging out, learning what they liked and finally one day my friend Jamie invited me to join in on their D&D campaign. This is where it all started, I fell in love with D&D, looking forward to every Friday because thats when I became Slax Ravenguard( My Paladin ). To cut this story short, if it wasn’t for these wonderful people that I met during hard times of my life, I would never have found new passions that i love more than anything.

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