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Learned the 3.5 system in the flaming bowels of my freshman dorm, under the tutelage of one who would later be arrested for beating his fellow players with a hammer, amusing the Bards of our time with the jaded political implications of a suspected DnD-driven assault. My first campaign started, as many often do, in a Tavern, the players magically summoned there by a deity of my wild creation, Santa. This lasted nearly two years before the group broke up, just before a feverishly created death machine encounter with a ship, a storm, a large crew, an enemy with a Symbol of Insanity painted on his back, and a Kracken with levels in the Soul Eater PrC. To quote the Heavy Weapons Guy "SO MUCH BLOOD!" I dream of a future setting, in the streets of a ruined New York, reclaimed by the myriad races, inhabited, protected, and repurposed for 3.5 adventure purposes. Where Demon, Undead, and Mortals live, and work in the same uneasy, often violent peace you often find in the mean streets. Where Death is a road that could take you anywhere. Where you must pay your Insurance bills, or the Clerics wont Heal you. Where Fantasy and Modern ennui meet

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