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Started to GM SR5e earlier this year (2014) . Used to play Twilight 2k, Dark Conspiracy, 2300AD, DnD, Millenium, Harn, Shadowrun and Rolemaster/Cybermaster/ Spacemaster. As a GM I hosted Shadowrun 2e, DND 3.0/3.5, MERP, Traveller:TNE, Dark Conspircy/Twillight 2K and MechWarrior. As far as my age goes, I am in the low 40’s. I preferr to participate as a player. Thanks to my origin, I do speak with an accent, so please bear with me if I speak in funny tongues. ;=)
My current project, besides GMing SR5e is to come up with, or find a game world/system that would support a X-COM like game.

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