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I’m actually not very good at this but let’s see here. I’ve been console gaming since I was pretty much four years old, so that in itself made me a native-born gamer. I’ve been tabletop gaming for roughly 10 years now, started out with D&D 3e from being introduced by a friend of back in Illinois.

While I enjoyed 3e at the time, I found a different fan-made system that was more to my liking. It was called the Final Fantasy Returners system. After playing it a lot, I weaned away 3e and adopted the FFR as my main system of choice.

I tried to attempt to run my own game using the 2e BESM system, it was a combination of Sliders with Captain N, the Game Master, which involved a group of everyday people who get sucked into the video game world and would wind up traveling across the various game worlds. Unfortunately it didn’t last very long due to the fall school year approaching. While it didn’t last very long, I enjoyed GMing with what time I had.

Now, that I have moved to Florida, I want to try and run another game, whether it’s a Final Fantasy game; using the new 3e Returners system, or a D&D game using the new 4e system. Either way, finding people interested in Florida is a pain. =/

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