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Aaron is a recent graduate of the Doctor of Pharmacy program at Samford University, and is now a registered pharmacist in the state of Kentucky.

He has been gaming nearly his entire life, but has played Dungeons and Dragons (3.x and d20 Modern) for over 5 years. His fondest memory of table-top gaming was participating as Marcus Stonemorrow, a protagonist in “The Seven Secrets”, a year long campaign that concluded in the summer of 2008. More recently, he has taken up the roles of Vaynard Dinadan in “Nine Nations Saga: From Beyond the Shattered Gateway” and of Thalion Whisperwind in “The Path of Elrich”.

As he has begun to settle in back at his home in Hopkinsville, he has used some of his off time to replay the Metal Gear Solid series as well as a few PSX classics (FFVII-FFIX, Xenogears, and Chrono Trigger). He is currently reading “A Feast For Crows” by George R. R. Martin.

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