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My name is Vince O’Biliath. I grew up in a poor family. I was forced to steal from food stands in the marketplace to survive. I have been seen a few times and force to run. My tall and small figure allowed me to run fast. I escape by climing to the roof tops and leaping from building to building. The guards could never catch me. When I was 17 my parents both died of disease now I am all alone. One day while doing my daily stealing I was caught by a Grey Waren. He gave me a choice either I join them or go to the guards and pay for my deeds. I picked the first and here I am now.

I am age of 18. Short Black hair. 6’ 1" tall. about 120 lbs. All my life I have hated the rich and noble for while My family and I where down in the gutter with nothing but each other they live a happy life in their warm homes and rich foods.

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