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I started playing Dungeons and Dragons when I was 9, introduced to it by my dad. It was the boxed set with the folder that had the single player scenario. Soon after, I began to recruit my little friends to game with me. D&D slipped from my grasp soon after, I was doing little things that I thought was important in those young submissive days. Then, I found 3.0 in Chapters. It opened my eyes, and the internet helped. It expanded my horizons to Warhammer Fantasy Role-play and Kobolds Ate My Baby as well as the Fudge System and Shadowrun. When 3.5 came out (aka the band-aid that was sorely needed). Boom, more options came into my view. Spirit of the Century, Fate 2e, World of Darkness (including V:tR, W:tF, M:tA, and C:tL), and Dark Heresy. Before long 4e was out, and it was even better than 3.5. Now, I run a 4e game and a Fate 2e game, while I play in a 4e game, C:tL game, and a SotC game.

Outside of RPing, I play a fair amount of Halo 3, Fallout 3, and Oblivion. I’m also a major martial artist, snow boarder, and aspiring writer.

Anywho, have fun reading.

-Wil (aka Wells)

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