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Languages: French (fluent), English (good). Location: Ahuntsic-Cartierville, Montreal, QC. YOB: 1980. My preferred method of communication is through email, which I’d be glad to share in private.

I prefer to stick to pastimes when chatting. I’ve been serious at P&P D&D since autumn 2013. I’ve played 4e, Next & 5e. I have more than a few 4e books, a few 3.5e books, some 3.0e books & 5e PHB.

Some of my D&D-related profiles:

I’ve started being serious about D&D since ~2002 near the release on PC of NeverWinter Nights (NWN) by Bioware, which is based on D&D 3.0 ; after a couple months playing a lot I’ve started to pay good attention at the roll window, which look like a P&P roll log (if one ever make one (tedious)). I’ve read a few Forgotten Realms books, including 2 complete series.

My profile focused on D&D since it’s the reason I joined this site, but I like other RPGs. I played some Warhammer 40K RPG and am reading a novel from the setting. I’m open to other RPGs ; I’ve listed a lot on my NearbyGamers profile but I’m not limiting myself to them.

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