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As you can see in my profiles picture I’m a tiny green dude with a nice hat :), I also love world-building and digital-art. I spend my free time surfing the web, searching for new stuff that brings me new ideas about anything. I’m a fan of undead culture: zombies, liches, vampires(Gore,Secretive and Masterplaners, NOT SPARKLY EMOS). Well thats a little about me.

About Roll playing games, I can say it all truly began(many years ago) the day my friend Wai and I were searching for a store called “EL MARTILLO”(The-hammer) to buy a Player’s Handbook, after an hour and a half we where kinda lost in the city searching for this place, somehow thanks to a security guard who gave us the wrong address, we end up at other side of the city at a different store. That day we met a very friendly guy who eventually became a good friend and our first DM, Gerald “The-White”, he was the manager there, so I bought the book(PH) and he invited us to a gaming-night the week after. After more than 6 years, I think its save to say that our lifes changed that day, we met sooo many people after that who where actually into this that it was kinda of unbelievable. Gaming then became a “safe” part of my life, a place where I could run-out my imagination and quiet the endlessness voices of characters ready to be created….ahhhh it is simply great :D.

Anyways thats it, I hope you guys enjoy the campaign. as we do.

Have Fun!

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