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Why do I join? Because my whole life has been a role play?

What’s my level of experience? Many years ago GM but I lost my mojo. Just a character player now. Longest lived character was VEXINQUAZ, the Wizard.

What systems do you I like playing? RPG for sure, and it depends on the board game. D&D 1.01 up to version 3

What is my preferred play style? chaotic, conniving thievery – but sometime get into goody-goody lawful paladin types

How often would I like to game? once a month minimum, once a week or 2 better

What times / days / area works best for me? anytime

More: I used to do a lot of D&D version 3 stuff many years ago, even GM’d for a while, wrote campaigns nd scenarios. Bought the v.3.5 DM book and player handbook, but didn’t have the time to get into it then. Retired now, so all have is time.

I’m located at College/Lansdowne and hope location won’t be hard to get to.

Absolute newbie on v. 4.0 I guess but quick learner. Have dice, some figurines.

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