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Uh, so yeah….

My names Josh Nugent, I’ve been playing table top games since late 2002 so about a decade, I was first introduced into D&D while at one of my buddies place and eventually it all just kinda critical-ed from there.

I enjoy DM’ing/GM’ing how ever you feel appropriate saying it and have learned through out the years that it’s not about competition but creating one of the greatest stories ever. I’ve gone through the phases of (Oh god I’ve given players to much power) to (I feel that no ones enjoying this) it just does happen and sometimes you gotta just go with your gut and fix thing.

After finishing my Bachelors degree in Digital Entertainment and Game Design I moved back to my home town of Juneau in order to set up shop and maybe open up a business of my own but that’s on the back burner for now. What I didn’t forget where the long nights of staying up late laughing and rolling dice.

Though some of us have made new commitments and have issues we seemingly can still find time every blue moon in order to have amazing times. I procured a campaign out of the blue and everyone loved it. Though it fell apart when people got busy again… but once again I got the itch to play and had to start from scratch again.

So I came to obsidian to put down all of my ideas/campaign notes into a digital world… of course I could just save it all to my computer like I usually do, but I wanted to take it one step further. Hopefully once we’ve finished the campaign I can leave it for others to enjoy.

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