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i’m and old mongrel of a dm. a grognard, even. feared for my capacity for mayhem and ability to roll 20’s, almost on command. and that’s without using the d20 i got from tsr that has 2-20’s inked on it…

i am currently running a campaign that struggles a bit, trying to not become a video game. i really hate the newer editions- 3.0, 3.5, 4. they allow anybody to do anything. mages don’t swing longswords, gandalf notwithstanding. they don’t even swing shortswords. or gladius <gladii??>. swordslingers don’t cast spells. it seems simple enough to me. -damn. i didn’t mean to get on my soapbox. sorry.

i have a small front room in my house, it limits the gaming group to only four or five. we drink sodas (it is a dry county after all), eat cheetos, and fire magic missiles into the darkness.

there is a lot of magic laying about in the world. there was a major war between factions of the elven kingdom, before man had awakened. the drow have not just been in hiding the past 50 centuries. they’ve been busy, occasionally dropping important bits and items in wilderness places for anyone to find. so now kobolds have been known to have +2 arrows. you never know what manner of thing might be around the next corner.

you have been warned.

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