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I am a writer and commission artist. I published my first book titled The Guardians’ Bane in 2008. I am currently working on other manuscripts, as this book is on of a series of six. I have many other manuscripts waiting for my attention to be finalised and prepared for publishing. Then the fun begins of finding a worthy Agent and Publishing Company willing to take my Novel’s on. Though it is difficult for a first time novelist and writer to break into the market but I am determined to do so.

I have a page on facebook dedicated to my first book. You can go and visit it here: The Guardians’ Bane facebook page

As a commission artist I created my own Business WebSite to get people’s attention. If you want to know about what I do than please go here: Mone’s Creations

I am also a member of the Rift Chronicles Role Playing Community . We like to get together at various Role Playing Chat sites and co-write various stories. We have five members so far, and are happy for more to join us. The community as a whole is for those who love Role Play, group Role Play, campaigns and adventure. We also want to hold more than just Role Play as a common ground among the community. As we would like to boast that we can just sit back and chat if we don’t feel like writing on any particular day. We encourage members to share their ideas, so they can be added to the WebSite. Everyone is there for able to show off their contribution to the community website and be proud of their hard work.

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