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The Era of Champions campaign setting is very similar to the Earth of the 12-14th century. Most of the areas under discussion here have until recently been covered by wild forests and unsettled grasslands. Civilization is still a novelty in much of this world, even the oldest of cities on the highlands of Benguard are still in the founding stages. Even the great Elvin cities on the eastern coast of Lorreland are only a few thousand years old. The people of these realms (including man, dwarf, elf, gnome, halfling and half breeds (humanoids with demonic, draconic or elemental bloodlines) are similar in mindset and advancement to the men of the 12th -14th century. City-states are common, and nations are on the increase as more of the wild lands are settled and pushed back. Many areas are just now being gathered under a single forms of monarchies or republic governments. Skills such as metalworking, farming, and craft industry are common in the more civilized lands, so that swords and heavy metal armor are all-too available to the warrior. Literacy and the quest for knowledge is on the rise, with the recent introduction of gnomish printing machines in the gnomish city of Goldenreach. The merchants-class is increasing in both wealth and power as more markets and resources open up. Faith, while not as dominant as the policital powers, is a major force in the lives of the people. Great beasts and evil humanoids wander the wilds country sides of the civilized lands. Ruins of the ancient cities and towers may be found in many untraveled places in the wild lands There is now a growth in powerful magics strange arcane phonmina which allow, some individuals the ability to channel magical energies, allowing them to perform mighty tasks and unthinkable feats . Others receive such abilities with the blessing of extra-planar beings known as Powers or Gods. These priests and clerics can reshape the face of the world, and indeed have done so over the millennia. Hills and forests may appear where there have been none before, and mountains may move several miles. Finally, the Realm of Helios is a land of adventure, and therefore adventurers. It is the time of champions, when one person of pure heart may hold thier own against enemy hordes. Where legions of evil forces muster, destroy and concore weaker civilizations. It is a time when the actions of a few, powerful individuals decide the future of nations, when the bold and the lucky may make their fortunes and gain great power over their world.  

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