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My name is Brittany and I’m a 26 year old girl who has started playing D&D a year ago. Now that I’ve graduated and waiting to transfer to another college and my D&D group is only meeting on Saturdays, I’m bored out of my mind at home and I need something to do, and on top of that I need a game either online (via skype or what have you) or at a game store close to me so I can play (but I wanna try skype/google play). I’ve always wanted to do an D&D homebrew game and I have a bunch of characters that I create on a whim when I’m bored so if you think your campaign needs a lvl 5 fighter, and a whole bunch of level one characters (a bard, ranger, druid, cleric (war priestess), two warlocks) then I’m your girl.

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