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Twang Thup is a battlefield archer elf. Born in an elf village that was very in touch with nature. He was able to learn the bow from his father, but a Drow raiding party destroyed his village before he could help defend it. A Drow rogue saw the boy setting up a shot with his fathers bow, who had already been killed, and took him in to teach him the rouge way of battle. For many years the Drow hid the child away from the other Drow and instructed him on the crossbow. Years later his mentor was killed in a raid on a Duregar town. The child now able to exact vengeance for the past wrongdoings took his crossbow and left the Drow outpost to seek his fortune. He named himself after the attack on the Duregar town from the bowstring noise and impact slap of the bolt, after he killed all of the warriors in the town. Twang was raised by a Drow, but he still remembers the followings of Melora, as his mentor did not push Loth into his life. He still prefers outdoors and the open sea to indoors or dungeons, and has the lone sniper attitude to battle as opposed to lets all line-up and get killed in order tactic.

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