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I’ve been a gamer for twenty years and have played pretty much every major system out there at one point or another. I can quickly pick up new games. I am agressively anti-muchkin and not averse to making character or game choices that seem dramatically appropriate, but not necessarily the most advantageous from a purely mechanical rules standpoint. I have generally ran games, for the last several years with rules and worlds of my own devising, but having just moved to Toronto and not knowing many fellow gamers, I would be happy to just play for a while. I’ve been roleplaying for a long time and commiting armed robbery in some subterranean deathtrap doesn’t really excite me anymore. I like story-driven, non-episodic games, in which there is a definite plot and where character motivations are deeper than “I want gold and XP”. Systems and rules are much less important to me than a good group of fellow players and a compelling narrative. I’m a pretty intense roleplayer and tend to play flamboyant, larger-than-life characters.

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