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Greetings! My name is Dennis, and I’ll be your DM/GM/referee for this campaign. I began gaming in 1980, with the original D&D (the red box) and have been running games ever since. I have experience in over 40 different rpgames/systems (Mayfair’s Chill, FASA’s Star Trek, Privateer Press’ Iron Kingdoms, Steve Jackson’s Toon, and West End’s Torg are favorites), have convention experience (both as a GM and as a player, and even won a regional Iron DM competition at one point. I pretty much skipped over D&D 4e as a DM, and pursued Pathfinder until D&D 5e (for which I was a playtester). I’ve run games/campaigns for the disabled, school children and other young kids, those who don’t speak English, and even for prisoners at one point or another. I’m an accomplished writer. I began supplementing my table top games with simming (cooperative creative writing) in 1994 on Usenet, eventually moving to AOL, then Yahoo!, and finally to the NOVA platform, where I won numerous awards for roleplaying.

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