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Ever since I were a child I could be found romping around the forest. My mother Reda, an elf who feel in love with a woodcutter my father kyras and came back to town with him, instilled within me a love of nature and of The Wood in particular. The creatures, plants, sights and smells of the wilderness has always stirred my blood, though my attachment to my family and friends kept me from devoting myself entirely to nature as a druid would.When my mother died of illness I decided I wanted to all I could about the wilds to better understand and protect both them and my kin. So for the past several years I have been learning the ways of the ranger from Arnama Lastrid. Arnama is a skilled ranger but not the best teacher, and others who have tried to learn from her find her impatient and with out discipline. She dose however excel at teaching by example, leading her charges on far ranging patrols and hunts, and this is where I have found the greatest enjoyment with her, absorbing all she does and making it my own.


During the Orcs Raid I found myself out in the wilderness separated from all my Companions. Normally this would not be a problem, but when the forest is my familiar with seems to be teeming with Orcs it became a very unnerving experience. During the campaign I stumbled upon what I thought was an orc scout, I attacked and in a fierce struggle I killed it, unfortunately it wasn’t until I heard the death cries that i realized it wasn’t an Orc. In the blind struggle I knew by the name of Paulsen. Not knowing what to do I quickly buried the body and the memories, everyone in town assumes that Paulsen was killing the Orcs, and I in my shame have done nothing to change their minds of that……..

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