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On Tabletop Gaming: Always the GM, never the player. That's the story of most Dungeon Masters' lives.
I love Forgotten Realms, it's my preferred D&D setting.
I can't stand BESM, but I play it anyway.
Is anyone down for some XCrawl?
What's with 4E… did we intend on making it like World of Warcraft for the tabletop? I’m terrified to see what 5th is going to be.
World of Darkness is world of dorkness, but my hunter will still pwn anything you've got. Also, my d10s? They go TO ELEVEN.

On Other Gaming: World of Warcrack used to be my anti-job. I got better. And by better, I mean, Star Wars: The Old Republic.
Crusader Kings II! Without you, what would I do? Not spend my time plotting political alliances I'm just going to reneg on when it suits me, that's what.
What's life without a good RTS? Or, for that matter, a turn-based strategy? God bless strategy games.
Sometimes, a good zombie killing game is just that: an excuse to kill zombies.
They put plot in Halo? What were they thinking?

Otherwise: I collect books. I think at some point my roommates might kill me for it. I need at least two more bookshelves.
Yeah, Star Wars is my new sci-fi fantasy mainstream extended universe demigod.
Time for a new computer. At some point.
Isn't a new campaign just another excuse to draw a lot and tell another story?

Basically, I'm just your average wise-crackin', GMin', high-rollin', zen-spoutin' gamer chick with too many books and not enough time. And yeah, I'm the drowgirl. One and only.

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