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I first started role-playing in 1979 when I happened upon a neighbor/friend playing AD&D with his brother. I was fascinated. We stuck with it until I left for art school in 1980. Within a few months there I had discovered an on-going game that appealed to me, and a couple months after that I started running my own. The creativity of that atmosphere was highly charged. I was bitten and bitten BAD, lol. We couldn’t help tinkering with the rules, being creative types and soon accumulated a notebook full of homebrewed rules. When I came home from school, my attention shifted to the historic basis for the game and I started reading everything medieval I could get my hands on. That started 15 years of research that included spending an entire month plumbing the secrets of our nation’s Library of Congress. THAT was an amazing experience.
I and my gaming buddies took the much-polished homebrew (“Realms of Myth”) to a few conventions in the early late 80’s-early 90’s. A few years ago I pulled the game out of mothballs and looked it over, realizing that MUCH of the research I had done had been neglected. The last couple years have been spent integrating all that information. The latest rewrite is what we are playing now, but stripped down to the basics. The “crunchier” rules are being held in reserve, to be implemented as the game progresses and everyone gets more comfortable with the system. A couple aspects were implemented during character generation to accommodate a few of the players’ needs in creating characters that had a bit more scope to them. “Smoke & Mirrors” is the campaign I am currently introducing the group to. It will see something of an accelerated passage of time. The dwarf and the two half-elfs will watch their human compadre get old and play the marriage game to secure succession to the feofdom to which he is sole living heir – once he gets it back. Hoping to get one or two additional characters involved, also of the human persuasion. Mortality is intended to be something of a recurring theme.
The last game I ran continued for almost 5 years, during the time I lived in Ohio, one of the most gratifying gaming experiences I have had. I am keeping my fingers crossed that “Smoke & Mirrors” exceeds that. It is certainly off to an auspicious start, chances look REAL good in that regard. :)

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