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Most of these likes and dislikes and skills reflect my view as a GM, I am usually the Game Master. But of course, that means that my view as a player is similar.

•I like players who take initiative and “GM their own characters.” By this I mean: when a player takes an action, s/he has the power to co-create the scene, including the discovery of useful objects in his/her surroundings. For example, during an outdoor chase scene, a player might say, “I climb up a nearby tree, grab a thick vine of ivy and swing to another tree,” even though I have not described those trees or that vine. Unless there is some compelling reason not to, I will not only accept these inventions as part of the world, I will often incorporate them into my storytelling. •I like when players are daring and crazy and make choices/make mistakes that make the story more interesting. Most good fiction has the main character making a mistake that they then have to extricate themselves from and learn something from it. •I especially like players that create inter-party intrigue or throw themselves into any intrigue I offer them. •I’m not crazy about dice, I use them but I mostly use the rules as a loose guideline; my games are a little like Calvinball, meaning that both the players and I create the necessary rules as we go along and break them if we feel the game is better served that way. For example, we might decide that the scene where s/he decides to climb the tree and I would say that if most games use dice 50% of the time, I use them 25% of the time.

As a Player or GM I tend to create characters that are complex, don’t fit into a rule scheme and are unique. Even NPCs that I expect to die, will have uniqueness to them. -I just like making characters. I have often felt that I should have been a comic book writer actually. I like the comic book feel and power level in a medieval/high fantasy setting.

I am really good at: •creating mysteries and riddles •creating complex plots that have threads that characters can discover at any point in the game and unravel mysteries set up at the very beginning. •Political intrigue that affects the story on multiple levels. •I offer a lot of opportunity to create complex multi-layered characters that are not necessarily good or evil but have virtues and vices and flaws. And I reward those kinds of characters. •Thinking tactically with combat •POWER: I run my best games with extremely powerful characters, that’s mostly because the rules are less important then. •I am the best game master I have seen at keeping a game interesting at epic levels of power.

I am bad at: •Following the rules •Thinking tactically with magic systems as both a player and game master.

My games usually involve: •Usually world changing events •Powerful characters •I like combat but it’s only about 25% and only in the context of a larger goal or plot point. •Complex cosmology •POLITICS!

I don’t want to give the impression I’m a dictator about games, I’ve been GMing for almost 20 years and have had good reviews from many of my players. The players who want to know what to expect ahead of time, and know the monster manual backwards and forwards so that they know the monsters they will encounter are always frustrated. Expecting encounters to be level appropriate will not happen. Though all encounters will be winnable or escapable, I am definitely not a PC killer.

All that being said, RPGs are about getting together with friends more than the game itself.

Systems I know: Living Myth D20 White Wolf Palladium Gurps Dogs in the Vineyard and a few others

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