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Jesse Alexander is a writer and producer of TV, MOVIES, VIDEO GAMES, and COMIC BOOKS. He was a co-executive producer and writer on the first three seasons of HEROES; NBC’s epic saga that chronicles the lives of ordinary people discovering they possess extraordinary abilities. Jesse was also an executive producer on the exciting HEROES spin-off: ORIGINS. Previously, Alexander was an executive producer on J.J. Abrams’ innovative serial spy drama: ALIAS. Abrams then enlisted Alexander to help develop ABC’s ground breaking serial adventure LOST. Alexander served as a co-executive producer through season one, sharing the Emmy Award for outstanding drama with his fellow LOST producers. Jesse has been an innovator in the field of transmedia storytelling. The process of extending narrative across multiple media platforms simultaneously. Jesse’s transmedia strategy was critical to the success of ALIAS and LOST. The transmedia content he designed for HEROES established a new paradigm for how television shows can thrive cross platform. In 2008, Jesse won his second Emmy Award for the HEROES online content. Jesse has spoken at M.I.T., Lucasfilm, NewTeeVee, The Game Developers Conference, Microsoft Research, The AFI, SMPTE, USC, and others about the exciting potential of a transmedia approach to storytelling. When Jesse is not working on DAY ONE, his new event miniseries for NBC, he is sharing his notes from the transmedia trenches on his blog: and via twitter as: globalcouch.