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A little about me:

I used to play D&D 3.0 with a bunch of friends when I was a teenager. I GM the game for about three years, before the group split up. During the 7 years that followed, I occasionnaly looked for other groups to join, but I lacked the time so I never went all the way through.

In the fall of 2010, I was contacted for a online game through my Pen & Papper account for a Wheel of Time (using D&D 3.0 rules) game. We did one game before the GM stopped replying.

So now I’m looking for a gaming group. I’m a student (doing my Ph.D in Psychology) but my schedule is somewhat flexible.

Systems I am familiar:
-D&D 3.0
-D&D 3.5
-World of Darkness (the old gaming group were supposed to host a game, so I’ve read and loved it but never played it)

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