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names Ashley but you can call me bunny, i just recently started to run games, i run for my sister boyfriend and brother in law i still have to work on my stories and world and practice more at running but one of these days ill get it. i started out playing the vampire game with my ex boyfriend and brother in law i liked it but not enough, then they both introduced me to L5R at a guys house name tony who is by far a very good gm and i loved it, he inspired me to use my own imagination.

after my ex boyfriend ran a game for me and my ex friend, they begged me to use my creativity i put in my painting and run a game for them so i did, using my exes world and character. when they both left me i decided i didn’t wanna play any more till i fell in love with my current bf that im with now, he found out that i played and ran and he too was a dnd extreme hard core player and wanted me to run for him so bad, that’s when i starting putting my game together better and ran for them three. they love it but its not quite ready for the world yet.

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