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As a child I’ve had a care free life. Training with my father and twin brother everyday and practicing my academics by night. My mother would do what a normal house wife would do. Later on, before my teens, my father left and never returned.

My father was a superb black-smith, so my mother was forced to pull the weight that my father left behind.

She worked countless hours and would come home in the late hours of night, just so she could provide for us and make a living.

In time I grew a special bond with my mother due to my fathers absence, a bond that I would truly cherish for days to come.

Realizing through my growth, that men are not the only strong ones, my mother taught me how to fight just as well as any man, if not better. She taught me how to fight better with fists and steel. She taught me and my brother with such passion. A passion that I will never forget.

My brother and I were practically alike in every way. We loved the same food and had the same interest in everything. Yet, he did seem to be missing a few marbles.

In later years, when I turned 16, my mother fell ill. Providing for two growing boys was no easy task, especially since we were quite a hand full. She quickly became fragile and was unable to work. With my mother falling ill, me and my brother took it upon ourselves to provide for her like she provided for us. We worked in a mill and worked part time as black smiths, just so we could provide for each other.. Just like our mother did for us. When my brother turned 18, my mother became bed ridden. She had fevers that would last for days or coughing spells that would keep her up at night.

My brother and I did not like seeing mother like this.

On our 20th birthday my brother and I saw that our mother was not getting better through time. Something must be done. I set out to find doctors that could help my mother. I traveled far a wide in search for the best doctor that could cure my mother of this ailment that plagues her.

Every doctor I found was unable to help our mother.

The woman that taught me with such passion, such courage and excitement, laid before me wasting away. She was still able to keep a smile on her face every time I saw her. She is a brave woman. A brave woman that fought hard and worked hard to raise us.

Me and my brother sat idle enough. We took upon our selves to find a remedy for our dear mother. we refuse to have her fade from us. So I set out to find a cure for my mother while my brother stays home to tend to my mothers needs.

I will find any cure to make sure my dear mother is well again. I will climb any mountain, fight any foe, to make sure she is well again.

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