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I have been gaming for nearly 20 years. I don’t much care for 4e and the direction in which wizards is taking the game. I am a stickler for 3.5 and the OGL. I enjoy the D20 system and D20 modern and was disappointed in D20 moderns lack of OGL content. I am currently working on a D20 modern style system for D&D. Thus making classes like the wizard and rogue advanced classes. While class like the archmage will become epic level jobs for your characters. I dislike the “lead by the nose” character advancement that traditional 3.5 and 4e offer. I feel that magic is a tool similar to the sword. With the right training one could “sling” spells all day with little regard for spell slots. Does the rogue have a limit to how many times he can sneak attack, the fighter on how many times he can cleave?

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