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Lawyer (even if here it doesn't really matters), Game designer, musician, 3d graphic artist and passionated aquarist, Giacomo Sottocasa was born in 1971. After years trying to become some kind of rockstar he realized that, despite of the important role played by music in his life, rock was not his life. He always loved role playing games and boardgames and in 1991 started his first project of developing a new RPG, but it was a project so great that even today he doesn't want to talk about it. In the late '90s he founded Rose & Poison as a game designers group and worked out its transformation in a publishing firm. He's co-designer for Angeli e Demoni Rpg, designer of Free Fantasy (open source RPG), Crash! the bankrupt game (card game) and Deus Vult! (boardgame). He also records some lounge/new age tune (downloadable somewhere on this website) and he's and amatorial graphic artist/photographer (see the galleries). And doing so many things is the reason sometimes he talk about himself in third person.

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