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I´ve been roleplaying since I was a teen, in the D&D boxed set days (back when it took about a minute or two to create a D&D character). I was lucky enough to have a gaming group that lasted through junior high and high school and beyond, until I moved away pursuing a career.

We tried nearly every RPG imaginable during that time, and created dozens of our own rule sets. Want a vintage copy of Ghost Busters the RPG? I´ve got one in a box somewhere.

Since I´ve gotten back into gaming, my tastes have run to more story oriented RPGs, rather than ones that try to simulate reality. Playing games is all about having fun, and that´s what´s fun for me right now. My favorite game to run these days is Call of Cthulhu.

I´ve also gotten into live action role playing, and love it, although it´s hard to find a LARP that isn´t too rules intensive. I have found a line of murder mystery party games that are really thinly disguised LARPs you can run at home.

I´ve written a fair amount online about kids and roleplaying. Not surprising, since my daughter was born in 2005. I can´t wait to explore RPGs with her as she grows!

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