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don’t let the name “James” fool you. I’m actually a gaming girl. people just call me James because I’m a tomboy; I’ve always been “one of the guys”.

I’m up for any game, any world, any system. I’ve played a variety already (including non-d20 systems). said games and systems include (though are not limited to): Nobilis, Grimm, Dead Inside, Don’t Rest Your Head, Scion, Resident Evil, Atomic Sock Monkey, White Wolf, Grimm, Tri-Stat, Star Wars, AD&D, and (of course) D&D.

feel free to email me if you’re anywhere around the Twin Cities in Minnesota.

I’m also interested in online RP’ing (such as post-to-play games), btw. my Gmail screenname is “Queen.of.the.Spades” and I’m “jtggodqos” just about everywhere else, so shoot me a line.

when gaming, I typically await and see what the group needs, building a character from there. because of this, I tend to be the last one to present my character to the DM.

unrelated to gaming, I’m a 29-year-old southern belle who relocated herself up to Minnesota. back in Louisiana, I was librarian at a community college, and I loved my job. I’m also an aspiring writer. reading is also a passion of mine. when not engulfed in literature, I volunteered with Louisiana’s very first Frontier Girl troop (similar to Girl Scouts). I was also on the MechaCon staff for several years (Louisiana’s largest and longest running Japanese culture expo).

I look forward to gaming with and getting to better know you! :D

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