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Discovered D&D in a Walden Books back in 78-79. I opened the PHB and that was it. Done. Been a GM ever since having run over 15 campaigns (about a year or more each); the worlds spanned Greyhawk to Kulthea. Took a hiatus from gaming after becoming hitched in 2002. Just started up again in 2013 since my Grandson expressed interest. Started a group with him and made it through 13 sessions in a KOTB/Wilderlands custom Sandbox with DCC RPG. We’ve placed this one on hold and…

Switched gears thinking longer-term play. We’re about to kick-off a Castles and Crusades sandbox based on Jaquays’ Griffin Island. I populated a few other classics here as well, but the players only know of the Caverns of Thracia.

Here’s the approximate order of games I’ve (P)layed and/or (GM)ed along with the number of campaigns from 1978 to 2014:

D&D (Bluebox) – P (1); GM (1)
AD&D (1st) – P (1); GM (3)
Runequest – P (0); GM (1)
Rolemaster – P (0); GM (7)
Spacemaster – P (0); GM (1)
Call of Cthulhu – P (0); GM (3)
Avalon Hill’s Squad Leader and ASL (not an RPG but played a lot)
D&D 3.0 – P (0); GM (2)
Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG – P (0); GM (1)
Castles & Crusades – P (0); GM (1)

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