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Fantasy stories are abounding with tales of vengeance and the hunt for the purveyor of sorrows for any wronged character. I am writing this because after 25 years I decided that my family needed a “game night” since we were all playing our favorite MMORPG’s It was a natural to rediscover the RPG that consumed so much of my time and effort in my youth and try to pass it on to the next generation. Oh how things change. Why does that surprise me? (I must have failed the roll of the d6) I bought the second beginners box that I have owned in my life. Thank you Mom for the first one 30 years ago. This is where I discovered that not only had things changed, they had changed drastically. What I knew as the game is obsolete. Not only had the game changed, it has gone through several reinventions. The latest of which not only did I not recognize, quite frankly I just didn’t understand it. Thanks to a Denver area used book store I was able to replace my entire collection of core books (including 3 copies of the PHB to date) get dice and some miniatures. I was actually impressed with my luck as I had been told that I would never find the things I was looking for. The hobby shops have changed since the 80’s also. Where there were once aisles of accessories, supplements, magazines and modules. Now there is everything else. The display cases of dice have been commandeered by the engines for airplanes and cars. (Which are very cool by the way) I found the RPG section fit into one aisle and the game in which my particular interest lies was relegated to a two foot section of an upper shelf on an end cap. Miniatures are now mostly made of plastic and come painted. There are some companies out there that are making the “old school” miniatures out of alloy, that might need assembly, and do need paint. So I did buy some of the plastic ones to hold us over until we get the “real” ones. I look forward to the painting of my new minis. I just think that they will look so much better than the mass produced ones on my battle mat. I think that I say all of this (Thinking that no one but me will ever read this) because it becomes my motivation to come up with story lines and adventures that are flexible and interesting. If I can interest my teen age son, who is an electronic addict (MMORPG’s, texting and the game console) then maybe there is hope. I have discovered that I can still draw a passable elf ranger. (HOOAH!) Honestly I never expected what I thought to be the best, most perfect game to change more than I expected my favorite form of music to be played on the oldies station or Nina and 99 luft balloons to be considered classic rock. I will likely venture into the later revisions of the game as time passes, but I am having so much fun rediscovering this one that it might be a while. So buckle on your sword and dust off your bow because we’re off to adventure land where fate is decided by the dice and fortunes are measured in precious metal.
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