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I started role-playing in 1979, yes I am that old, with Traveller. I still remember my first character, Rod Rambler. The gm of that Traveller game, it turns out, has a great game on the portal- the gm was Black Vulmea. I played Traveller & D&D for a while, but became addicted when Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles came out in 1985. It was dark, like the comic, and a joy to play. I began to GM that year, and ran some sort of Palladium game almost continuously until 5 years ago.

In March 2011 some friends and I decided to start playing again over video conferencing… thus A God…Rebuilt came to fruition.

The current game is like most of my games- a detailed outline and beginning, with the players left to their free will to go from there.

I am also a Palladium Megaversal Ambassador, which is a fancy way of saying a Palladium Books fan and closet expert. If you have any questions about their great games, like Rifts, Heroes Unlimited, Palladium Fantasy, etc, feel free to drop me a message.

Yes, my profile picture is my wall of records- there are more in another room- I have a vinyl record addiction.

Please also feel free to send me a PM about any formatting or questions- I am always happy to help!

Story Improvisation MirrorDramaDestiny Tactics Run Adult content sexy

GM merit badges are from Robertson Games
Mine read Story, Improvisation, Mirror (Good Player Ideas),Drama, Destiny (Players Destined for Greatness),Tactics, Run (Players should run if odds against them), and Adult Content.

My favorite campaigns, the ones I draw inspiration from, are below in no particular order. Each banner is clickable, and will send you to their site.

Favorite Campaigns
A God...Rebuilt
The Spelljoined
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