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I GM a D&D campaign here in Wichita and am looking for some more players. We are experienced gamers, but are open to anyone who likes to roleplay!

Ok, some basic info on our campaign:

We play on Sunday evenings at my home on the West side of town. We usually get together around 5 and grill then on to the gaming and usually end around 11. It is a 4th edition D&D campaign. We enjoy a mug of grog and of course a good fight, but the emphasis is definitely on the role-playing!

Currently set in Forgotten Realms the players are 6th level and all are neutral or good natured.

We have a Human Warrior (Defender), a Human Assassin, a Dwarf Warden and a Gnome Bard.

We had six players at one time but one had to drop out because of work on one moved away last month…

Our players range in experience. I have played for over 20 years, worked part-time for TSR and play tested some of their products back in the early days. Some of the others have been playing for as many as 15 years and as few as 3 or 4. We are looking for mature individuals, who like to role-play, but that does not mean they have to be old farts like me or have a lot of gaming experience. We respect the rules, but at the same time are interested in having fun not rolling diceā€¦ a good sense of humor is a MUST!

Hope this helps, and hope you are interested in joining us!

Feel free to contact me or pass this on.



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