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I started playing Dungeons and Dragons just like everyone else. Because I was such a sci-fi nut, when I learned about Traveller, I figured that I should play a space game as well. One thing that I always wanted to incorporate into my Traveller game was Imperial research stations working on such technologies as black hole research, both large-scale and mini-black hole investigation, advanced gravity manipulation, deep radar analysis, long-range detection systems, deep planetary core soundings, cryptography, robotics, artificial intelligence, bionics, genetic manipulation, stable superheavy elements, antimatter containment, weaponry research including disintegrator beams and black globe development, nova prevention (and prediction), psychohistory and mass population behavior prediction, psionics, instantaneous transmitter development, stasis and time travel, so-called magic, personal shields, x-ray lasers, and high temperature superconductors. Then I started thinking about a research station researching "so-called magic". Suppose the Imperium came across kind of a D&D planet? I started working on D&D to Traveller conversions. The first edition DMG had conversion notes for Gamma World (which I also played) and Boot Hill. I just wished that there was some kind of generic universal role-playing system ;-) Then I also started playing Top Secret and still wanted some portability of characters between genres. Then a friend of mine introduced me to GURPS. I didn't really like it at first, because I took a look at GURPS Fantasy and noticed that medieval prices were in dollars. I asked my friend about that and he just said, "yeah, that's how they do it in GURPS." He didn't tell me that a $ can be equal to an Adamantine Genie, an Eagle Dinar, an Imperial Six Bit Bill, a Three Pound Note, etc. I also didn't think the graph paper maps in GURPS Space looked as cool as the hexagon maps in Traveller (they're actually better because they measure distance in 3 dimensions). So then I became interested in Dark Conspiracy, a game where anything in the tabloids can be true. Finally I thought to myself, this is insane; I want character portability between 6 game systems; I think I had better take a second look at that GURPS thing that Tom showed me. The second look convinced me. Plus, there was a world book to cover all genres of the other games in which I was interested. D&D -> GURPS Fantasy, Traveller -> GURPS Space (and later GURPS Traveller :), Gamma World -> GURPS Atomic Horror and GURPS Y2K, Boot Hill -> GURPS Old West, Top Secret -> GURPS Espionage, Dark Conspiracy -> GURPS Illuminati. So suffice it to say, I have the mental disadvantage GURPS Fanatic [-10 points].

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