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I have joined Obsidian portal to run a campain and play. However, I am a web designer, and an aspiring writer and role-playing game designer. I am the creator and administrator of the osRPG Project. The Open Structure Role-Playing Game Project (osRPG) is a FREE and OPEN tabletop role-playing game built from scratch, designed from the tabletop up with many improvements and new approaches to turn-based RPG mechanics. This project is dedicated to the design and marketing of osRPG. The osRPG philosophy goes far beyond any current OGL RPG and for that reason osRPG does not fall under any current d20 or standard OGL licensing. Although there are sub-projects that follow other RPG standards.

My RPG Experience includes …

D&D RPG Experience (Specific Versions): Basic D&D, AD&D 1E, AD&D 2E, AD&D 2E w/P.O., d20 D&D 3E, d20 D&D3.5E, d20 D&D 4E, Other OGL D&D 3.5+

Other OGL RPG Experience (Specific Versions): d20 7th Sea, d20 Cthulhu, d20 Spycraft 1E, d20 Star Wars 1E & 2E, d20 Stargate, Traveller (T20).

Other Non-OGL RPG Experience (Specific Versions): Boot Hill 3E, Chill (All), Battletech Classic 1E-4E, Champions 2E, In Nomine, Marvel Super Heroes (All), MechWarrior (ALL), Serenity, Palladium (Beyond the Supernatural, Heroes Unlimited, Ninjas and Superspies, Rifts, Robotech), Paranoia 2E, Prime Directive RPG, Star Fleet Battles (ALL), Star Trek (LUG & Decipher), Star Wars (d6 1E & 2E), Toon, Traveller (Original & T4), World of Darkness (ALL & LARP).

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