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Our Game of Thrones is currently running most Saturdays at 1pm until we finish. That can be three or four hours to eight or ten. We play at Crit Castle on Airport Blvd./Buckley Rd. in Aurora, Colorado.

There are seven players in the game, but we generally have four or five players at any one session. Brandon, Jeff, Cameron are our regulars though work has pulled them away at times. Indy is becoming a regular player as he has made the last four or five sessions. Dakota was regular until he became a working man and found that having a boss means more money, but less gaming time. :) Jake was working quite a few hours plus going to school, and Keith besides having a pretty full schedule has some ongoing medical issues. So, we would like to find another player to join us. Some of the situations the GM comes up with need more muscle or brains than the limited number of players can muster. ;)

Look us up at Crit Castle if you like, Jeff works there, or contact me via e-mail at mrkenis at yahoo dot com.

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