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Val Nelson was born in the emerald city. She was named after a slight modification of her father’s name, Al. She grew up with her two older brothers Rick and Rock, and of course their Siamese cat named Simon. She has formal training in sucker punches, silent but deadly farts, Indian burns, and thumb wars. She is especially proficient in the art of slinging espresso. As a student in the inner city schools she learned street smarts and how to blend into a variety of crowds. She has traveled and learned techniques of different crafts around the globe. It should be recognized that she blends in a crowd until someone treads on a one of her pet peeves such as ordering a mocha latte…then it is over. They are decafed within seconds and their drink becomes useless. This amazingly talented individual is one not to be crossed or overlooked. At the age of 26 years she now lives back in the emerald city with her fish, Tank.

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