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Lia is a strong-willed, stubborn and prides herself on being a non-conformist. She is highly spiritual and spends time frequently in meditation and trance states. Since her mother’s death and the lack of knowledge regarding her father and his background, she has been cautiously optimistic about events and slow to trust new people. Once someone gains her trust, she is loyal to a fault. She makes decisions on what will be best overall in the long run, despite possible short term negative consequences. She is even tempered and grounded in her logical ways.

She is impulsive, outgoing, stubborn and resistant to change. She is direct and upfront in conversations and confrontations, but her opinion is often well received and respected. She is great in a crowd of people and is a powerful organizer of change, often over-compensating for her anxiety that she has in small groups and in 1:1 interactions with others.

She lived in Ierani with her mother and younger brother until she was 75. Her mother passed away after trying to perform and botching a complicated healing spell. Lia worked hard to improve and strengthen her magical abilities after her mother’s death, although she always seemed more “magical” than her mother from a very young age. Her magical aptitude becoming apparent before she knew what exactly it was or what to do with it.

She was forced to take care of her younger brother until he reached late adolescence, when he chose a separate path, wanting to settle down and build a family with a woman with whom he had fallen deeply in love. Lia continued to live the life of a vagrant, serving as a magic consultant and mentor in small villages throughout the Middle Kingdom. She never stayed in one place too long, maybe a month or two at a time, choosing to sleep in an inn or set up a tent on the outskirts of town. She has also become a highly acclaimed herbalist and her constant travels have served her well, allowing her to have mastery of most well known herbs throughout the Middle Kingdom as well as some less known ones.

She often feels “lost” in elf society even though she has a strong sense of purpose. She has very few connections and relationships with others and while she would like this to change, she isn’t sure how to trust more without being vulnerable and opening herself up to emotional damage.

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